Skalapp DV

An automatic belt scale with touch screen interface for mobile crushers/sorters and stationary conveyor belts.

Powered by today’s most advanced weighing technology and high-quality components, Skalapp DV scales provide accurate weighing and monitoring of materials transported by a wide range of conveyor belt systems. They’re a valuable tool in effectively measuring the efficiency of your conveyor system, as well as helping you define and optimize costs for material processing.

Skalapp DV is the answer for keeping track of processed material and downtime on your production line, as well as gathering data from remote machinery, such as a mobile shredder loaned to another plant.

Comprehensive monitoring of your conveyor operations

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Industry-leading ease of operation
with user-friendly interface

Extended monitoring of multiple, remote scales

Custom installation

Detailed monitoring for improving efficiency
and maximizing profit

Flexible mounting options

Remote monitoring (optional)

Monitored parameters for determining efficiency and costs

  • Amount/Weight of processed materials- Flow of processed materials
  • Uptime/Downtime of production line
  • Start/Stop times
  • Operational health monitoring (belt speed, load on weighing frame, tare-load of empty belt)
  • Remote monitoring of machinery, such as mobile shredders
  • Weighing data assigned to specific orders or contracts, including loading jobs that last several days
Skalapp DV

Touch screen control terminal

Detailed performance overview for optimizing your operations

Robust components and remote diagnostics ensure a long service life with minimum downtime

Low profile for flexible installation on all types of mobile or stationary conveyors

Fully adjustable weighing frame ensures compatibility with a wide range of machinery

Automatic operation for reliable and distraction-free operation

Connection/Monitoring of multiple scales

Compatible with a range of control software

Installation on many types of machinery

Stationary conveyors

Mobile crushers and screeners

Complex operations requiring multiple scales to be linked and monitored

* Not intended for commercial weighing

Utilization of data

Order tracking

Performance tracking at 15 minute intervals

Daily performance tracking

Infinite totals

Remote data gathering with Skalapp Online

Monitoring of operational efficiency when idle and under load

Readout values via MODBUS and RS232/RS485 protocols


Full-featured equipment and functions
Modern touch screen
Measurement of belt speed
Printer connection
Order management
Hourly flow rate
Operational history
Virtual conveyor function
Data transfer to Skalapp Online *
Productivity analysis *

* Skalapp Online is an optional service

Technical Parameters

Minimum Load
8 kg / m
Maximum Load of Weighing Plate
400 kg
Height of Weighing Frame
min 100 mm
Width of Belt
Variable (from 500 to 1600 mm)
Weighing sensors
1…2 loadcells
C3 Accuracy Class in accordance with OIML R60
Monitoring of Loader Speed
Optometric encoder (-25 to +60 °C)
Voltage Input
24 VDC
Control Unit
1024×600 pixel touch screen, (0 to 55 °C)
Control Unit Dimensions
200 x 146 x 35 mm, weight 600 g
Data Transfer
RS232, RS485, Ethernet*, 4G*

Skalapp Online

Remote access to ALL scales at ALL locations

Skalapp Online is an optional cloud service that can be activated for all Skalapp and Skalapp DV scales, accessible from any web browser or Andriod mobile app. Its advanced feature set allows you to remotely connect to your Skalapp scale and instantly access complete, up-to-date weighing data from your entire fleet of scales and conveniently view on your mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer. An added benefit of Skalapp Online is that it makes the work of service technicians easier, as they can monitor your equipment remotely, act faster and thus minimize potential downtime.

Remote access 24/7
Current, encrypted weighing data from every scale at every location via web browser or Android app

Real-time monitoring at 15 min. intervals or access to saved data

Manual operations kept to a minimum
Automated generation/printing of reports and delivery documentation

Full integration
Compatible with your in-house ERP

Optimized across devices
Mobile phones, tablets, computers

Advanced, user-friendly interface
Four categories of loading operations data, with unlimited items saved to memory and a convenient search option


We are a family run company that has specialized in weighing technology for more than 25 years. All design, development and manufacturing for Skalapp and Skalapp DV scales are carried out in-house.

As a result, we have complete control of their components, technology, functions and quality of construction, and stand confidently behind them.

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