Installation and Service

Delivery and full installation at your work site

After your purchase of a Skalapp or Skalapp DV scale, our highly qualified service technicians will provide delivery directly to your work site and carry out complete installation on your machinery. They come fully prepared with all of required tools, equipment and power, so machinery located in remote areas is not a problem.

After installation is complete, our technicians hand over all documentation and provide full training to your users on the function, operation and care of our scales.

To ensure quick and convenient contact with Skalapp for installation or service enquiries, all scales come with a long-wearing label with a telephone number for the Skalapp Service Department.

Quick and efficient service by highly qualified technicians

Your needs are always our top priority. And when you require service for your Skalapp or Skalapp DV scales, our highly specialized technicians will provide the assistance you require quickly and effectively to minimize any potential downtime.

As with installation, our technicians are fully trained and equipped to carry out all work, no matter how remote the location.

Onsite inspection and conformity assessments

Skalapp scales that are certified as legal for trade (optional) require regular review and approval. Our service technicians are fully qualified to check the scale and arrange certified weights, as well as contact an independent authorized inspector and coordinate inspections for you.


We are a family run company that has specialized in weighing technology for more than 25 years. All design, development and manufacturing for Skalapp and Skalapp DV scales are carried out in-house.

As a result, we have complete control of their components, technology, functions and quality of construction, and stand confidently behind them.

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