Skalapp Online

Full Remote Access...
ALL scales, ALL locations

Skalapp Online is an optional cloud service that can be activated for all Skalapp scales via a SIM card or WiFi, without the need to install software. Its advanced feature set allows you to remotely connect to your Skalapp scale and instantly access complete, up-to-date weighing data from your entire fleet of scales and conveniently view on your mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer. You also have the option of saving and exporting reports in Excel format that you can customize to your exact requirements.

An added benefit of Skalapp Online is that it makes the work of service technicians easier, as they can monitor your equipment remotely, act faster and thus minimize potential downtime.

Comprehensive monitoring of your conveyor operations

Quick and easy access with your website browser or Android app

Fully unlocked, single subscription level
for every user

Remote access

  • Up-to-date data from every scale at every location
  • 24/7 access from your phone, laptop or desktop computer via your web browser or Skalapp Online app for Android

Fully localized environment

  • All text displayed in your language and reports that can be customized for immediate use with your company data and logo

Colorful graphic display of data

  • Visual presentation of productivity and down-time


  • Detailed up-to-date monitoring or saved data

Manual operations kept to a minimum

  • Automatic generation/printing of reports and delivery documentation

Customized reports in excel format

  • Define, save and export excel reports
  • Receive reports automatically by email (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)

Full integration

  • Compatible with your in-house ERP

Optimized across devices

  • Mobile phones, tablets, computers
  • Android

The future of remote access to your weighing data

Skalapp Online Reports

All Skalapp Online users can define, save and export various Microsoft Excel reports that provide a detailed presentation of operational and weighing data. Users can also receive these reports on an ongoing basis via e-mail – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Define, save, export reports

Detailed presentation of operational and weighing data

Automated reporting via e-mail (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)

mobilní aplikace skalapp

We are a family run company that has specialized in weighing technology for more than 25 years. All design, development and manufacturing for Skalapp and Skalapp DV scales are carried out in-house.

As a result, we have complete control of their components, technology, functions and quality of construction, and stand confidently behind them.

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